NHS Organ Donation
Waste or Save?

Getting more young people on the organ donation register.

Over 6,500 people in the UK are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. NHS Organ Donation have run a number of donor recruitment campaigns but there was still a distinct lack of young people on the register. We had to change that.

We knew that (for this audience) the thought of someone wasting their organs by letting them go in the ground was confusing and frustrating. So, we characterised the vital organs to allow us to talk (frankly, to the point, and without pulling any punches) about the amount of organs that go to waste, when they could be used to save lives. It was a big step away from the traditional ‘give the gift of life’ approach.

The Vitals (as they’re known) starred in an interactive video where viewers could choose ‘waste’ or ‘save’; they took over social to prompt sign up; educated our audience about what their organs do and why they’re so important; and have big plans for the future. These charming characters won the pitch, and turned a one-channel brief into an integrated campaign that worked across all digital channels.

The campaign generated 14,000 registrations. Yes.

Creative Copywriter, 23red
A breath of fresh air, this one.
Yeah I am. And I’m vital for being able to breathe. In. Out. That’s what breathing’s all about. You do it 15 10 25 times each minute without even thinking about it. Thanks to, err, me.

With you, digesting in testing times. If by small, you mean a whopping five metres long, then yeah that’s me. Let me break this down for you, I am part of your digestive system. A soft tube all curled up in there.

Has vision. Totally focused.

Always pumped, never in vein.

Food breaker, hormone maker.