Estée Lauder
Liv – the nighttime expert

Helping women stick to their nightly skincare routine. 

Estée Lauder knows that beautiful skin starts the night before. But for many women, life gets in the way. We set out to break down barriers to a regular nighttime routine and create a healthy habit-forming conversational experience with Estée Lauder at its heart.

Liv empowers women to be their most beautiful selves by identifying their skin goal and then recommending the perfect product and nightly plan to help them achieve it. It’s not just about products, Liv also offers a range of impartial holistic advice for a complete and improved nighttime ritual.

One of the first Actions to use Google Assistant’s daily update functionality, we include Night School – a 14-interaction initiative designed to help women to stick to their nighttime ritual. Rewarding regular use with a promo code for Estée Lauder skincare. 

We also worked closely with Google to shape this Google-led advertising campaign. 

Try it for yourself. Just say: “Hey Google, talk to Liv at Estée Lauder

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