Earth Day Network
Cannes Lions Hackathon

Understanding and improving air pollution, one photo at a time.

Earth Day Network asked agencies across the globe to come up with ways to use creative technology to mobilise citizen scientists and tackle some of the worlds biggest problems –air quality, water quality, biodiversity, and pollution. 

Our idea was chosen from over 50 applications. So, off we went, as one of only six teams to take part in the Amazon and Huge ‘Change for Good’ Hackathon at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2019.

According to the World Health Organisation, 4.2M die every year as a result of exposure to air pollution. We decided to tackle this invisible killer with a very visual solution – photography.

A study published by the NCBI found that photographs can be used as a measure of air pollution by identifying light scattering on the particulate matter in the air. Making every photo a valuable data point.

By simply asking people to photograph a landmark and share their image, we’ll use machine learning to evaluate each image for air quality, feedback to the contributor and develop global understanding of air pollution. Helping Earth Challenge 2020 reach their goal of 1 billion data points.

We got the GOLD! And we’re currently working with Earth Day Network, US State Department, Wilson Center and other partners to make our idea a reality.

Personally, I think this is the best working week of my entire career. But here’s what Little Black Book, Ad Age, and AdForum have to say.

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