Red Bull
Can You Make It?

Assiting teams to take part in an adventure of a lifetime.

Red Bull was gearing up to launch the awesome Can You Make It? Competition once again. To make sure loads of students applied to take part in this adventure of a lifetime, they wanted us to make sure all the must-have information was at their fingertips.

We created a Facebook Messenger bot that gave potential teams all the inside knowledge on the competition and how to enter. Once they’d mastered the secret handshake in the regular Red Bull Messenger experience, they unlocked a conversation with The Insider and were privy to heaps of handy tips.

From persona development and experience design, to crafting a conversation with just the right amount of emojis, we made every interaction helpful, interesting and entertaining. 

The Insider did as promised – helped teams from around the world apply to Red Bull's Can You Make It? And, went on to help out even more during the competition with all the insider information on how to vote.

Freelance Senior Creative Copywriter, Rehab