10 Minute Shake Up

Encouraging kids to move more. 

Public Health England wanted an engaging group activity pack for schools, to help kick off the latest Change4Life campaign – 10 Minute Shake Up.

10 Minute Shake Up uses the emotional connection that kids have with Disney characters and stories to motivate children and families to get active.

A 10 minute Shake Up is an easy and enjoyable burst of activity that helps children bump up their daily activity to the recommended 60 minutes.

We created the 10 Minute Shake Up game for schools across the country, to be played in the last few weeks of term to get children moving more, and inspire them to keep active over the summer months. This game was a great introduction to the coming campaign and allowed schools to shake things up with a little Disney magic.

Using a treasure hunt type format the kids were asked to answer clues on the clue sheet to find the Disney-inspired activity cards around the school. When they completed the activity on the card they recorded their progress on the 10 Minute Shake Up wall chart. Plus, the pack contained a teacher resource booklet that explained how to run the game with their class.

Every school was invited to take part and the pack helped contribute to over 100m extra minutes of activity.

Creative Copywriter, 23red